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Slip Less

slip less
About the Client:

Wet Umbrella Bagging Station – for Rainy Days

Stops Water at Your Entry – Prevents OH&S Risk and Liability

Positioned at your building entry with the aim to prevent customer’s and staff entering the building dripping with water from their wet umbrellas as they enter your building during rainy days.

  • Mitigating your risk caused by water droplets
  • Reducing the Risk for Slippery Wet Condition at your entry
  • Helps prevent damage to furniture and fixtures
  • Offers customer Satisfaction to all users

By inserting their wet umbrella into one of the two chutes catering for small and large umbrellas, a waterproof biodegradable polybag is automatically wrapped onto the wet umbrella, preventing water from dripping on to the floor reducing the risk & hazard for slips & falls.

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